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Teachers work in close co-operation in Level Teams to ensure successful implementation of the sequential Prep to Six program. The teachers plan a comprehensive curriculum program based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards, and teach through an integrated curriculum approach, utilising effective assessment strategies. Teachers communicate  information about the student’s progress regularly to parents throughout each school year.

At the commencement of each term, parents receive an Overview, which describes the broad learning plan for students. The student’s class books are sent home twice a year for parents to view.


Discipline Based Learning Strands:
Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities,    Languages (Italian), The Arts,

Physical, Personal & Social Learning Strand:
Personal Learning, Interpersonal Development, Civics & Citizenship, Health & Physical Education            

Interdisciplinary Learning Strand :
Information Communications & Technology, Thinking, Design  Creativity & Technology, Communication

Each of these learning Strands are interrelated. Through our learning program it is our aim that our students will be

  • Able to develop a knowledge of the Catholic Faith and are people who value and respond to the Catholic traditions
  • Informed citizens who understand and contribute to civil and community relations at local, national and global level
  • Community members who contribute socially, economically and culturally to society
  • Responsible individuals capable of relating to family, friends and colleagues