Students are given the opportunity to explore their visual artistic talents through a variety of media. A biennial school concert where all students perform is held in the Hamer Hall in the Melbourne Arts Centre.


Students participate in a specialist Music program and through this program they are introduced to music theory and are given the opportunity to respond to and enjoy a variety of Music styles.


Dance is taught to students in Year 1,2,5 and 6 by qualified instructors from the Footsteps Dance Company.


Through the Arts programs, the disciplines of Art, Dance, Drama, Media and Music are explored individually and in small groups thus providing the opportunity to create, make, explore and respond. These sections are designed to encourage appreciation and creative expression in all the Arts throughout each child’s school life and beyond.


  • Provide a structured and measurable format where students are able to explore age appropriate aspects of the Arts.
  • Provide an exciting, creative environment where students are encouraged and supported to express their artistic abilities.
  • Provide a variety of opportunities to ignite the creative talents of students


  • Visual and performing Art activities are integrated into other learning disciplines
  • Students create and present performing and visual arts projects, such as painting murals, dance expos, performing arts concerts, acting in class groups and for filmmaking.
  • Students attend weekly drama/ music lessons.
  • All students participate in a biennial School Performance.
  • Three Choirs are available for students to join.
  • Opportunities are provided to showcase students’ work.