Cyber Safety

 These are the Technology Declarations for 2013
written in class by students and teachers using the shared writing strategy.  
This is a whole group activity which involves lots of discussion and negotiation of content.

6C’s ICT Declaration
As students of 6C we acknowledge how important technology is to our learning and understand how lucky we are to have access to the ICT our school. Therefore we have considered our responsibilities as students at St. Mary’s when we use the variety of technology.
We will…
• Surf the internet in a safe way- act smart.
• Use technology appropriately and with maturity. Eg, sending emails wisely.
• Don’t be a cyber bully or support cyber bullying.
• Be honest and respectful conversing over the internet and use appropriate language.
• Keep passwords and personal information private.
• Only use your own user and passwords and only do school work when using the technology.
• Don’t change settings on the computer- respecting the equipment available to us at school and don’t touch any buttons you are not supposed to.
• Tell an adult any concerns or ask any questions- make sure you stop until you receive further advice or permission (turn the screen off or minimise if you have to- look after yourself and others).
• Behave safely around technical equipment.


In 1C we use lots of different technologies in and around our classroom.
We need to make sure we use them safely and respectfully.
Only use tools like cameras, computers, i-pods, interactive whiteboards or a computer program when you have asked a teacher or a teacher tells you to.
When we are writing on our blog we need to use kind words. We should only use our first name when we are on our blog and never give out any information.

In 2WS we are going to be cyber safe.  We will treat the hardware and software of the computer with respect.  We will listen to our teacher’s instruction to complete tasks using technology.  We will only access what our teacher asks us to.  We will ask for help when we are not sure what to do.  We understand that there are consequences if we break our declaration.


In 2M we use a lot of technology in our learning.  We use computers, iPods, digital cameras, laptops, data projectors, flip cameras and we go to the lab to use the interactive whiteboard.  When we use these types of technology we will treat them carefully. 

To use the internet we each have our own username and password.  We keep these private and don’t try to use someone else’s. When we go onto the internet we will only go to sites that our teacher has given us permission to use.  We won’t click on any pop-ups.  We will use our class blog and make sure we keep our last names private. We will always be polite and friendly when we add comments or send emails. 

Every person in our grade has their own folder to save their awesome work in on the school server.  We will never delete someone else’s work or folder.  We won’t be silly with the folders.  We will do the right thing.

In 2M we love using technology and want everyone to be CYBER SAFE.



In grade 2C we are going to use the computers safely.  We will respect other peoples folders and files and make sure we do not share our passwords with anyone to keep our work safe.  We have discussed the dangers of going onto websites that are not authorised by teachers or parents and promise to go onto sites that are provided by the teaching staff only.  When we learn how to email and blog we will treat others with respect and make comments that are positive and appropriate.    When using digital media such as cameras and flip cameras we will respect the items and other people’s privacy.



 In 4W we believe that
- We will responsibly use ICT with approval of our teachers and parents
- We will keep our personal details and passwords private
- We will only access appropriate sites used for learning.  If an inapproprate site appears we will tell an adult.
- We will be respectful of others when online.




In 5 RK we believe Technology helps us to learn.  We have to act responsibly and
THINK before we POST!

We try to be safe online by
- keeping our password private,
- keeping our personal information to ourselves,
 - carefully reading the information that comes up on the screen,
- not trying to download any programs at school,
- not allowing pop up,
- never opening unknown emails and
-we ask permission from parents before joining different sites.

If something upsets me or makes me feel uncomfortable online 
I will turn the screen off and alert an adult.  I will save or print any evidence that is important.
In 5RK we enjoy using  Technology safely!



We will follow the instructions of the teacher and use the programs that we are asked to use – we won’t just click on anything.

We should always type in the right username and password.

We should shut down the computers the right way not just turn off the buttons.

Don’t put two discs into the cd drive otherwise you will break the computer.

We will use the equipment with respect.

Share the time with your partner when on the computer by taking turns.

Use quiet voices when you have headphones on.


We, 3RM, appreciate the value of computers at our school and the use of the
Our responsibility is to work on the internet safely and be cyber smart.We
have a responsibility to look after our computers and not take
unneccessary risks by giving away personal information


 4 GM
Why is it important to be CYBERSAFE?

In 4 GM we believe that it is important to be Cyber WISE.
- We do not POST personal details online.
-We NEVER post photos of ourselves or friends without permission.
- We keep our username and passwords to ourselves.
- We understand that whatever we POST online stays there forever,
so we are careful with what we write online.
- We do not open unknown emails.
- We do not open popups.
- We ignore and exit "Congratulations you have won a million dollars"!
- We do not speak to strangers online.
- We alert our parents and teachers when we feel unsafe.
- If you are unsure about something online you speak to an adult or teacher.
Always be Cybersafe!



We believe in 4CP that it is important to stay safe when we are using Technology.
We do this by
- purposefully searching for information,
- sending respectful messages to each other,
- turning off the screen and speaking to an adult if something is wrong,
- making a copy of inappropriate material (this helps us to investigate the problem),
- never giving away personal details online,
- closing popups when they appear,
- keeping our passwords private and frequently resetting our password 
- logging off the computer when we move away from it.
Technology helps us to learn so use it safely and think before you POST!