Health & Physical Education


A significant aspect of young people’s lives is their physical, social and emotional development.  The Health and Physical Education program recognises the challenges faced by young people as they grow and develop and the many contexts in which they form and negotiate relationships with family, friends, partners and groups.  The Health and Physical Education program promotes an understanding of the importance of personal community actions in promoting good health and lifelong participation in physical activity, and of the crucial role that supportive physical and social environments play in the development of the health of individuals and communities.


Health and Physical Education aims to develop in students:

  • An understanding that health has physical, social and emotional dimensions
  • An understanding of the factors that impact directly and indirectly on the health and safety of individuals, families, groups and communities
  • Knowledge and skills to plan, implement and evaluate actions that promote the health and safety of individuals, families, groups and communities
  • An understanding of the physical, social and emotional development that promotes good health and well being
  • An understanding of how relationships develop and change, and the knowledge and skills to promote effective relationships
  • Experience as a skilled participant in play, games, dance, gymnastics, aquatics, sport and other outdoor activities and recreation
  • An understanding of the physiological, biological and socio-cultural dimensions of movement and fitness
  • An understanding of how food provides nutrients for energy and growth, and plays a significant social and cultural role in people’s lives
  • Knowledge and skills to select food that promotes good health and strong growth
  • Knowledge and skills to access the range of information, products, resources and services that promote good health, development and participation in physical activity


  • All aspects of Health Education are integrated into Units of work studied.
  • Emotional wellbeing is supported through our work in the area of Values Education.
  • Healthy life choices are promoted and modelled in the school community.
  • Physical Education is taught as a specialist area.
  • A variety of programs are provided to encourage active living ie. – Dance Program, Gymnastics Program, Swimming Program.
  • Students participate in a variety of Sport Activities.
  • Students compete in the Inter-School Sports Program


Instructors from  Pit Gym provide lessons at school for students in Year Prep, 3 and 4 for a Term throughout the year. Students in Year 6 participate in a 6 week program at  PIT Gym in Bundoora.

Interschool Sports Program

Year 6 students compete in the Interschool Sports program against other schools in our district. Year 3 – 6 Students have the opportunity to participate in Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming Carnivals at District, Zone, State and National levels.

School Sports Carnival

All Students participate in our Annual School Sports Carnival.

Camp Program Year 5 and 6

Students in Year 5 and 6 participate in our camp program every year.  This experience provides an opportunity to develop personal skills such as community living, independence and self- confidence.

Swimming Program

Students in Year 2 and 5 attend a Stroke and Water Safety Program over a 6 week period.   Students in Year 4 participate in a 4 week Water Safety Program.   All students are involved in a Dry Water Safety Program.   Our Swimming program is conducted by qualified instructors from the Eltham Leisure Centre.

Tennis Lessons

Private lessons may be arranged. These are held during class breaks.