A specialist teacher teaches the Italian language to all classes from Year Prep to 6.  The learning of a second language (Italian) enhances each students’ understanding about the world and develops their thinking and reflective skills. 



The Language other than English studied at St Mary’s is Italian. Students successfully acquire a second language in the formative years of primary school. In learning a language students develop communication skills, social, historical and cultural knowledge of the target language. This encourages students to develop an awareness and appreciation of all cultures in the wider community.



• Provide a rich experience in their LOTE studies.
• Develop a basic understanding and competence in using the Italian language.
• Develop a positive understanding of the Italian culture and develop intercultural awareness.
• Encourage enjoyment in learning another language through literature and varied activities.



• LOTE incorporates and compliments other learning disciplines.
• The skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are taught and developed through a variety of mediums such as stories, games, songs, poems, role plays, vocabulary tasks and art.
• Students attend weekly Italian lessons.
• LOTE utilizes a wide range of resources and technology.
• Incursions, guest speakers and special events are incorporated to enrich the program and immerse the students.
• Year 5 & 6 students exchange letters with pen pals in primary schools in the cities of Milano and Treviso.
• Year 5 & 6 students participate in an annual poetry competition.