LOTE Garden Project


The students in Year Three and Four have been planting lots of vegetables as part of our Italian lessons. We learnt to call them by their Italian names- fagioli, zucchini, pomodori, pepperoni, insalata, basilico and cetrioli. Each class planted and was responsible for one vegetable.
We decided to create a garden to learn about the different stages but also to show that we can be sustainable and healthy and eat what we grow. We learnt to grow some vegetables from seed and we were responsible for their watering and planting into our vegie boxes. Our vegetables aren’t always perfect but they are fresher and healthier than the ones we buy.
Unfortunately we have had a few problems with possums, but we are working to find a solution. Our next crop will be our winter vegetables and we hope to plant cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and silverbeet. We are looking forward to seeing these vegies grow.
We love our garden.
By Bennett, Emily, Eimear and Matisse