Learning & Teaching


Each child has a special relationship with God and is valued as an individual as outlined in the Vision/Mission statement. Learning contributes to developing literate and knowledgeable members of our society. Contemporary learning supports, enables and engages the learner to contribute positively to their world.


Effective learning and teaching practices will enable students to:     

  • be engaged in learning through inquiry and collaboration
  • develop positive self-esteem in a safe, secure and supportive environment
  • develop and apply skills in order to engage critically and effectively in a multi-modal world
  • be active learners within a positive and contemporary learning community
  • make connections and contribute to Community


Students learn about self, others and the world through an Inquiry Learning approach. Quality units of work enable students to explore, investigate, question and make connections to their world and are based on the essential components of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. Through this learning, students are supported and guided to take positive action as members of a global Community.

Inquiry learning supports:

  • The Principles of Learning and Teaching
  • The 6 Facets of Understanding
  • Inquiry Learning Model (Tuning in, Preparing to find out, Finding out, Sorting out, Going further, Making connections)
  • The 5 E’s (Engage, Explore. Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate)
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • De Bono’s Thinking Hats
  • Lane Clark’s Keys Concepts
  • Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
  • Thinking Routines
  • Programs and activities designed to motivate and challenge learners
  • Information Communication Technology embedded into curriculum planning
  • Student-centred learning
  • Opportunities for small group and individualised instruction
  • Technology as an integral part of learning within the context of classroom units of work and assessment.  
  • Active participation in relevant real-life experiences
  • On-going assessment and evaluation to improve teaching practices and outcomes for students
  • Learning as being valued, explicit and celebrated regularly by the whole school community
  • Teacher professional development  continually being updated to enhance classroom practices

Level teams endeavour to:

  • Plan units in a collaborative way based on the Victorian Essential Learning StandardsOutline units according to the school Inquiry Learning approach
  • Integrate learning technologies into all areas of the curriculum
  • Plan units as a team during planning days once a term
  • Plan on-going assessment and evaluation through collegial discussion in back to back planning sessions
  • Sharing staff expertise in PLT/staff meetings/school PD days
  • Sharing staff expertise in outside Professional Development days