English is recognised as a means of communicating through the elements of Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing. The study of English helps pupils to understand how language works by looking at patterns, structures and the origins of language, whereby students will be independently able to choose and adapt their knowledge in different situations and become critical and imaginative readers. Knowledge about how a language functions assists students to achieve a better understanding of themselves, their culture and the Contemporary world.


The English program will:

  • Provide a language rich environment that promotes a culture of reading and writing
  • encourage an interest in and a love of books and literature that will support their learning across the curriculum
  • develop an understanding that textual interpretation may vary according to cultural, social and personal differences
  • Teach a range of strategies to support the areas of Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing according to the VELS Standards and Focus


In order to create and comprehend texts, students need explicit teaching using a range of strategies. Teachers help students in the following ways:


  • Monitoring understanding and listening for sources of information, such as key words
  • Identifying and staying on the topic
  • Taking turns
  • Making relevant comments
  • Planning, composing, revising and delivering formal presentations


  • Predicting, checking, confirming and self-correcting, using knowledge of a topic
  • Browsing, skimming and scanning for key words and content
  • Guided Reading, Reciprocal Reading, Literature Circle
  • Thinking strategies to gain a greater understanding of texts being read: predicting, questioning, clarifying, connecting, summarising, visualizing, using key ideas, inferring
  • Using computer technology to locate and explore information


  • Planning, composing, recording, editing and publishing
  • Using word processing and graphics programs to create, edit and publish texts
  • Phonic, visual and morphemic strategies for attempting to spell unfamiliar words
  • Consulting resources

The English program is supported by:

  • Two hour Literacy block
  • P-6, scope and sequence Spelling
  • CLaSS Literacy Program
  • Reading Recovery
  • Teacher Librarian
  • Contemporary learning tools