Number, space and measurement, chance and data are common aspects of most people’s mathematical experience in everyday personal life, study and work situations. Equally important are the essential roles that mathematical structure and working mathematically play in people’s understanding of the natural and human worlds.

We teach mathematics so our students learn to be critical thinkers, equipped to solve real life problems independently. Mathematics also enables our students to make sense of, and actively participate in their ever changing world.


  • To provide an environment that enables students to work in a supportive learning environment, confidently sharing their understandings with their peers, while engaged in the learning of real life mathematical experiences.
  • To provide a challenging, flexible integrated mathematics curriculum
  • Utilize a variety of assessment strategies, both formative and summative to accurately inform planning and teaching of Mathemtics .
  • Support parents so that they are confident to engage  in the educative process in the area of Mathematics


  • The Mathematics program will be based upon the learning focus standards within the Victorian Essential Learning Standards.
  • Student progress in all areas of Mathematics will be reported in half and end of year academic reports.
  • Mathematics Leaders will support classroom teachers through resourcing and PLT meetings providing current mathematics pedagogies.
  • An allocated budget will ensure mathematics resources are constantly maintained and updated.
  • Mathematics professional development will be provided and made available where needs arise.