Program Highlights

Library Resource Centre

Students attend a weekly library class and borrowing sessions with our Librarian.  Students are encouraged to borrow books regularly. The Library is also open during some class breaks.

Intervention Program

A qualified Special Education Teacher co-ordinates our Learning Assistance program. Through ongoing assessment students at risk are identified.Appropriate programs are then offered to meet the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of our students. There is a particular focus on Literacy and Numeracy Intervention where qualified teachers work with small groups of students. Literacy and Numeracy Officers are also available to work with students who have been identified as requiring extra assistance.

Extension Programs

Opportunities are provided to allow the more able students to develop their abilities at a higher level of understanding.This could involve working in a small group with others on a research project, being presented with open ended activities that can be completed in the classroom or participating in competitions.

LNSLN (Support for Special Needs Program)

This program supports students with special needs who meet the set criteria as set down by the Commonwealth Government. Additional funding is provided to support the educational plan for these students.

Choir Teacher (Year 3-6)

Students are given the opportunity to join our School Choir.  Through this experience, their musical skills are developed and they have the opportunity to perform at school and community functions.