Projects Completed



Location: All flower beds around the school



Mowing Mowing and more Mowing
All over the School and Parish Grounds

2010 / 2011 and the drought has broken! With all this water comes grass growth and we haven't seen so much grasss growing for about 10 years!
Thanks to all those people that have been helping with the mowing.
More volunteeers always welcome! Call Phill - 0417 327 618.

Parking Lines

Location:Car park

The lines were fading so again they were re painted

May 2011 Making Good the Garden Wall
near the Mary Mackillop Learning Centre

Despite the horrendous weather, and in between "showers" volunteers were able to contrinbute to our community by:

  • Install 26 sleepers to the garden wall and spread mulch in readiness for "Tree Planting Day" later in the year
  • Spread 6 cubic metres of blue rock to level path areas
  • Spread 4 cubic metres of granetic sand to make good mud areas at the rear of the school
  • Level brick pathing in the presberty BBQ area
  • Make good fencing at the rer of school as damaged by visiting "artists".

NB This is not Gayna's WWW.

General Maintenance with drainage and plumbing.
Around the School 

The sewer was unblocked.
The pipes were all dug up and changed, and .....
there was more mowing
 (Thanks to our local State Member,
 as busy as he is, he can still find time to help out -  Thanks Colin!)


Tree Planting Day

Well done to all of the Students and staff of St Mary’s Greensborough for being part of the 200,000 children participating in the Annual Tree Planting Day in 2011. It was fantastic to see all the gloves (some oversized!), digging tools and smiles!  
Thank you all for helping to look after our planet by planting a tree.

Don’t forget to keep looking after the plants using the St Mary 4 “B”s.

The MaD Committee would like to say a special thanks to Hilda Cowen for her time and fantastic effort in preparing for Tree Planting Day. Hilda propagated plants from her garden as well advising what species of plants to put in what locations.


Also thanks to Mrs McCarthy, Brad You, Phil Goulding, Maree Brick, Julian, Abbey, Frances and John Wood for guiding the students through the morning. We are already looking for ideas for next year’s tree planting day and are happy to receive your suggestions.


Replacing the Church Presbetry Retaining Wall - February 2012.
This project aims to stop the church flooding during torrential rain; which has happened twice in the last year.   



Maintenance and Development (MaD) Presidents Report



Year 2011-2012

2011 was another big year for progress within the St Mary’s Community:

  • Spread about 10 cubic metres of blue rock and sand to make good path areas around the school
  • Gavin O Laughlin Signage for the Oval was reinstated
  • Significant Improvement to the Williams Street Car Park.
    • Cleaning
    • Mulching Garden Beds
  • Coordinated about 600 hours of mowing mulching and gardening time
  • Made good the hill in front of the MacKillop centre
  • Spread about 40 cubic metres of mulch, that was mostly donated by the Banyule council
  • Plantar Boxes painted and stocked
  • Works around the Church include:
    • Cleaning of the Fan Blades
    • Organ Pit bought to ground level
    • Some Seats were  removed and the data projector and organ area were remodel (thanks to Steve Plunkett)
    • The carpet wet vacuumed twice (floods)
    • A new retaining wall has been commenced at the front of the Church and commenced the retaining wall between the Presbytery and the Church
    • The memorial garden has been made good with the installation of an Archway (Thanks to Michael Pitts) and installation of plaques.
    • Water feature is under way.
  • Level the paving in the presbytery BBQ area;
  • A significant amount of plumbing expertise has been provided to Parish (Special thanks to Adrian)
  • We estimate that the volunteer work of MaD has saved the Parish in the vicinity of $110,000 dollars. The extensive Plumbing & Drainage works alone could have easily costed $60,000 if we were pay for a contractor. 
  • MaD have been delighted with the response form the community for the Working Bee and for calls for help eg Christmas Day Deluge.
  • Interaction between Committees is a sure sign that our Parish Community is fully committed to working together for fantastic outcomes.



A measure of success for MaD is the involvement of the community and we have been delighted with the help we have received. There is always something that anyone can do, no matter how old or young. (we always appreciate the cooking expertise of our older community members!) We are really fortunate to have David Elliot offer help of “Shed Caretaker”; this melding of old and new provide for greater connectivity and ultimately respect. It allows for John and Phill to be more physically involved in the work.  We really appreciate David’s involvement and welcome others.

A special thanks to Veronica Collum and Judy Newell who have looked after the feeding of all of our Working Bee Volunteer’s through 2011.

It has been fantastic working with people like Tina (lady who does the gardening) – we have been able to help her do some of the heavy work and she has done a magnificent job on the garden. We are aware there are other people who help out with the garden and we thank them as well, but Tina is someone we see around the church very regularly.

We would like take this opportunity to REALLY thank the Committee and all who have helped MaD over the last year.

Projects forecasted 2012

  1. Manage the Parish Working Bees – improve community involvement
  2. Manage the challenges of the extra water and drainage issues  
  3. Stock take on shed items and prepare a replacement plan for equipment to ensure we always have appropriate tools for volunteer workers when they arrive.
  4. Complete the Memorial garden water feature and concrete area and continue to make good the front of the Church
  5. Application grant for new ride on mower
  6. Significant work is still required to make good the space outside the library – we hope to turn this into a quiet fernery with a minor water feature that will blend nicely with the library environment.
  7. Work with Helen and Fr Steven to support the Development of the Buildings and Grounds.
  8. Support for Community Events
  • Parish BBQ
  • Fete
  • Liturgical Events

As we move into 2012 MaD are very keen to team more tightly with the school through the School Board, to ensure that the school and Parish set the key priorities for Maintenance and Development Works in the future.

 As we close out 2011 and move to 2012 we thank those who continually support the working bees through donations and physical presence.

Nothing can be achieved without the support of the Committee, the parents and the broader community.

John Wood

Please note the AGM for MaD will be March 12th at 8pm - 2012.


Our current bank balance is $242.21

The president and secretary tend to use their person credit card and are appreciative of the prompt reimbursement from the Parish and School.