School Advisory Board


The Board acts as an advisory body to the parish priest and the principal on matters concerning the development of the school and the education and welfare of the students.The central purpose is the realization of the Vision of the School


  • To act as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education in the school,Support the provision of Catholic education in the parish by providing a link to the school community.
  • Promote the role of community in the life of the school.

Specific functions

  • Promoting Catholic ethos and RE programs Bringing alive the life of the parish within the school community
  • Involvement in policy review and development and contributing to setting objectives for the school year.
  • Advising and assisting in the provision of physical resources for the school
  • Engaging in local promotion of the school
  • Actively promoting community spirit

Focus Areas

  • Policy/Special Projects Community Engagement
  • Maintenance/Development
  • Social/Fundraising (PA)


  • Board meets 8 times per year Reports are table by community groups, the Parish Priest and Principal
  • Action is taken through the four focus areas
  • A written Report is circulated to the Parent Body following each Board Meeting
  • Two open meetings are held each year.
  • Members are appointed for 2 year Term following nomination and election
  • Nominations for membership to the Board are called for 4 weeks prior to the AGM
  • AGM is held during First Term of each year