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At St Mary’s our Student Wellbeing goal is to create a safe, happy, inclusive and respectful learning environment for all.

At St Mary’s we actively work to provide support and learning for our students, staff and school community to develop positive relationships in a safe, supportive school environment. We follow the National Safe Schools Framework and the Health Promoting School Framework (from the World Health Organisation) to facilitate a whole school approach to student wellbeing and learning.

We pride ourselves in being a ‘Restorative Practices School’ and being part of the ‘School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program’. These processes and practices provide a framework for a broad range of proactive approaches that support social skills teaching, learning and development. They also provide the tools and principles needed to resolve problems, deal with conflict in a positive way and build relationships.

We believe that connectedness and building relationships are paramount for wellbeing and resilience. This is achieved through Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) being taught and supported across the whole school.
“Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process for integrating thinking, feeling
and behaviour to achieve important social/life tasks, meet personal and social needs
and develop the skills necessary to become a productive, contributing member of society.”
The Social and Emotional Learning of all students is a major focus of our school.   Programs such as Social Skills lessons, Library Club, Student Leadership, Community Classroom Awards and Values Education assist Students with their personal and social development.

Buddy Program

Our Buddy Program involves the senior students being paired with the Prep students.  Planned activities between the classes are held so that the students involved become friends and are there to support each other.  This provides a 'buddy' for the younger student and gives the older student the opportunity to develop leadership skills and responsibility.