Positive Behaviour Support Program

At St Mary’s, we have established and encourage a school climate in which appropriate behaviour is the norm for all students. School Wide Positive Behaviour Support is a philosophy and practice of recognising the importance of positive relationships among all members of our school community for the purpose of enhancing learning.

SWPBS emphasises prevention, active instruction and research validated practices for:
  • Establishing and teaching clear expectations for all students in all settings
  • Establishing and teaching clear expectations for all staff
  • Modeling and rewarding these expectations
  • Supporting the whole school community to understand and support the diversity of students
  • Understanding the physical and social contexts of behaviour
  • The shift is from punshing to teaching and learning to build relationships
  • Using data to guide decisions regarding change.
Our school ‘rules’ are taught and emphasised as behaviour expectations for the whole school community.

The 4 B’s: (our school goals for positive behaviour)

1.    Be friendly
2.    Be safe
3.    Be respectful
4.    Be a listener