Student Services: Funding Counsellor SWSG

Student Welfare Support Group

An important aspect of our work is Student Welfare.  There is a Welfare group, which meets weekly to assist teachers and parents with any concerns that may arise in relation to a student's development and wellbeing.

Seasons Programs – (Bereavement Program)

The Seasons Program is offered each year.  This is a support program for those students who have suffered a loss through death or family separation.  A trained facilitator conducts the program.

Student Counsellor

A counselling service is available at the school.  A qualified Cousellor attends one day a week. Through this service, students and families are assisted to work through personal issues which cover a wide spectrum. Referrals are made through the class teacher or Principal.

Student Services

Through a school referral process, students have access to services provided by the Catholic Education Office.  Such services include Speech Pathology, Psychological assessments and Educational assessments.