Student Wellbeing Policy


At St Mary’s, we believe that each person’s well being is nurtured through experiences of belonging, building relationships with others, being accepted and valued and by being positively engaged in the community. We acknowledge the importance of providing opportunities for all members of the school community to develop an awareness of their wellbeing and responsibilities and a commitment to becoming valuable members of the global community. We believe in the importance of implementing prevention and intervention strategies which promote positive behaviour within the school.


We are a Restorative Practice school which aims to develop positive behaviour through critical thinking, active involvement in making choices and taking responsibility for our choices and actions. Restorative measures help the each person to learn from their mistakes, grow in self discipline, take responsibility for their actions, recognise the impact of their actions on other and reconcile and resolve conflict with others.


  • We actively promote the social and emotional learning of each student so that they:
  • Respect themselves and each other
  • Build positive relationships
  • Positively contribute to maintaining a safe, happy and secure environment
  • Make good choices
  • Accept responsibility for their choices and actions
  • Reflect and learn from their choices and actions


  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a major teaching and learning focus across the school
  • Behaviour expectations are explicitly taught
  • Common language about behaviour and discipline is used throughout the school
  • Positive behaviour expectations are displayed within school community
  • The Restorative Practices approach is used for student behaviour management and conflict resolution
  • Circle Time is implemented in all grades to develop positive relationships and to model problem solving strategies and reflection
  • ‘Start Up’ program is the focus at the beginning of term one each year
  • Focus on positive behaviours within class and school settings
  • Explicit teaching of social skills
  • The Behaviour Matrix and Behaviour Management Continuum are implemented across the school.