• We believe everyday holds the opportunity for exciting learning
  • We value the uniqueness of each person
  • We engage students in positive and active learning
  • We uphold the philosophy of Equity and Excellence in Education
  • We promote respect and care for everyone in our community

Welcome to St Mary's Parish Primary School

St. Mary’s school is a place where, not only your child, but your whole family will be welcomed and valued as members of our community. At St. Mary’s we are acutely aware of the privilege it is to be invited into the educative process of your child. We recognize that your child is a special gift given to you, and now you are inviting and entrusting us to enter into a partnership with you, to guide and support their growth as a person along with their academic learning. Read more...

Principal's News

  • 12/10/17
    Recognizing that no person or community is perfect and that those who might be judged as most imperfect, may actually have the insight, wisdom, love acceptance, forgiveness, peace, joy, freedom or trust that we are lacking. Dear Parents and Friends, Welcome back to Term 4. I hope everyone had the chance to enjoy some quality time together over the break. Term 4 is a time that is always very busy for each of us. There will be times when we wonder whether we will make it through all that needs to be done as we head for the end of yet another year. This Term the value that we have chosen for us as a community is CO-OPERATION. Co-operation, refers to the practice of people or greater entities working in common with commonly agreed upon goals and possibly methods, instead of working separately in competition. St. Mary’s has a culture of working as one and I believe that this is why we have such a strong supportive Parish community. Let’s not get lost in the business of the coming weeks and continue to co-operate for the common good, where we can all benefit from being one. “Father, we pray for a spirit of cooperation and eagerness to contribute to the needs of the whole body, so that our Parish and school are built not just with sweat, bricks and mortar, but with love, care, and teamwork. Therefore we go forth in unity and purpose as we do our part in building each other up through the various natural gifts and learned skills You have given us, as we strive for unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God. Amen”. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Our big night is fast approaching when we will hold St. Mary’s major social/fundraising event on Saturday 21 October in our Hall where there will be numerous comedians providing wonderful entertainment. Tickets are now on sale - $45 per person. Hope to see you there. ART SHOW We are busily preparing for our 2017 Art Show which will be held in the MLC over two nights, these being Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 October. Doors will be open from 4.30pm until 8.00pm on both evenings. Each student will have art pieces on display. A bar/be/que will be available for all to enjoy. We hope all families can come along and besides being entertained by the artistic talents of our students, enjoy some social time with other families. The Art Display will also be open on Sunday 22 October between 11.00am and 12.00pm for those who are unable to attend during the week. SUNSMART All staff and students are now required to wear hats when in the playground. Please ensure that these are labelled with your child’s name. BASKET SUPPER DANCE and FOOTY FUN DAY Thank you to the parents who organized the Yr. 5 and 6 BASKET Supper Dance which was held prior to the school holidays. Although I was unable to be there, I am told that it was a huge success and the students’ dancing skills were excellent. Thank you to all who came along and enjoyed another St. Mary’s night of fun. Thankyou also to those who assisted with the Footy Fun day and for the donations of Chocolates for the Chocolate Frog Toss which will be held at this year’s Parish Fete. Your ongoing support is much appreciated. Helen Anderson Principal
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