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  • We uphold the philosophy of Equity and Excellence in Education
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Welcome to St Mary's Parish Primary School

St. Mary’s school is a place where, not only your child, but your whole family will be welcomed and valued as members of our community. At St. Mary’s we are acutely aware of the privilege it is to be invited into the educative process of your child. We recognize that your child is a special gift given to you, and now you are inviting and entrusting us to enter into a partnership with you, to guide and support their growth as a person along with their academic learning. Read more...

Principal's News

  • 19/03/15
    Dear Parents and Friends, Through the season of Lent, we have been preparing and waiting to enter into the events of Holy Week when we reflect on the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. It is through this mystery of life over death that we receive the fullness of hope in our lives. Jesus’ resurrection symbolizes the eternal life that is granted to each of us. Through the events of Easter, we are given hope, knowing that good can rise from what often seems an impossible situation and that God is always walking with us through these difficult times. With our world and communities experiencing so many conflicts, let us consciously take this hope given to us by Jesus and be people who bring peace, happiness and hope to others this Easter. May you celebrate the risen Lord with joy and happiness in your hearts. Happy Easter to you and your families. NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION AGAINST BULLYING Tomorrow, as a part of action against bullying, students will participate in activities to enable them to reflect on positive behaviours such as how to include others and how to show respect for each other. In their classes they will discuss behaviours that result in bullying and how such behaviour has detrimental effect on others. As a school community, Prep and Yr. 6 students will work with their buddies to make decorations which will be displayed on the tree in the Piazza which will from now on be known as “The Remembrance” Tree. This tree will remind each of us that we are always to remember the rights and needs of others and to remember the good in each person and to always look out for and remember to include everyone in our games and conversations. The students in (Yr. 1 and 2) and (Yr. 3, 4 and 5) will work in mixed groups where they will meet new friends and together create other symbols of friendship to mark this National Day of Action. What I can do • Stop and think before you say or do something that could hurt someone. • If you feel like being mean to someone, find something else to do. Play a game, watch TV, or talk to a friend. • Talk to an adult you trust. They can help you find ways to be nicer to others. • Keep in mind that everyone is different. Not better or worse. Just different. • If you think you have bullied someone in the past, apologize. Everyone feels better. PLAYGROUND RE-DEVELOPMENT Once again over last weekend, work was done by our wonderful volunteers to build the stage in the Junior Playground. The stage is now almost complete. Next week the portable classroom will be removed so that the final work can be done to complete the playground. Quotes are currently be sourced for the turf which will be laid under the trees as a ‘quiet’ area and in the main play area. It would be wonderful to have some more volunteers who could assist the current Team with this work. Please leave your contact details at the Office or you may contact Phil Georgiou on 0423821734 or Peter McKenna on 0412913293. PARKING It has been decided, for safety reasons, that there is to be no reverse parking in the car park as from the beginning of Term 2. It has been determined that reverse parking is dangerous to those using the pedestrian path and it also impedes the flow of traffic. This will be on a trial basis. Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation with this request. OPEN DAYS Applications for enrolment to St. Mary’s school are now being accepted for Prep 2016. Current families are advised to lodge an application early as places are already being filled. Open Days are as follows: 22 April Information Night 7.00pm 7 May Tours 9.30am and 12.00pm 7 May Twilight Opening from 4.30pm until 6.30pm 29 May Applications close I sincerely thank all parents and friends for the support and assistance given to us, the staff and students, over the past weeks. The work of so many has once again been truly amazing. To see the development of the Junior Playground is inspiring and I thank those responsible. I wish all families a holy Easter and a wonderful break from the school routine. I shall look forward to working with you all again in Term 2. Principal Helen Anderson
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