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Principal's News

  • 15/09/16
    Dear Parents and Friends, As we finish tomorrow for the Term Break, we do so with much to be proud of as we have worked together as a school community throughout Term 3. Our School Performance was certainly a Term 3 highlight – an evening that was enjoyed by the students and audience alike. To see how the students were able to develop an item based on their learning from their Term 3 Inquiry Units, was brilliant. Their enthusiasm and joy as they performed made the both nights very special. The creativity of the teachers and our Director – Kurt Geyer and Assistant Director, Gabee Leone, was something that was truly amazing. And now I am told, some staff see themselves in a new career doing TV Commercials!!! Somehow, I think we might be better advised to stay with what we know. Very Happy Fran We were also very proud of the NAPLAN results of our Yr. 3 and 5 students where in all areas assessed, St. Mary’s students surpassed the State results. This is a reflection of the work done through our teaching programs where we focus on the use of data to direct teaching and learning and the consistent practice we have in ensuring there is personalized learning for our students. As a community we continue to work together – the help offered to assist in the production of our School Performance and the committed work of those who are completing the Junior Playground, has also added to the joy and success of Term 3. Thank you to staff, students and parents for another successful and happy Term at St. Mary’s. THANK YOU To get produce a Performance on the stage, it takes much work behind the scenes. Thank you to Sharon Shannon, Jacqui Foley, Grandma Pettelin, Julie Manolis, Linda Lombardo, Lucy Scarfo-Pasinetti, Mary Mikac, Jacintha Rebello, Simone Ortiz, Vicki Coppolino, Orla Byrne, Karen Campara, Amanda Hyde, Tonia Topaloglou, Anna Schembri, Daniela Darling, Nadine Alderuccio and Connie Inturrisi, Anita Rizk, Susan Daly, Lauren Norris, Aliscia Braid, Jodie Datson, Michelle Molloy, Megan Harwood, Bianca Quai Hoi, Jenny Zuzic, Narelle Quinn, Erika Argonza, Gabrielle Blake, Rosemary Vera-Leva and Rhiannon Smyth who assisted with the making or sourcing of costumes. Thank you also to those who donated goods - Melinda Reid (dolls), Dora Basile (make-up) and Bianca Lapenta, Sophie MacDonald and Maree De Cata for doing hair and make-up and to Shelley Ware for the Marngrook voice over. Thank you to Zvonka Loveric and Lisa Kerr for photography, John Wood and Rashini De Silva for their amazing back stage work on both evenings, Marcus Buttigieg for the work done in creating the promo for Gigglebox and Natalie Brien and Natalie Miranda for their creative work with choreography. I apologize if I have left anyone out, but please know that your contribution also added to our Performance and was much appreciated. As the staff of St. Mary’s, we feel incredibly blessed to work in such a supportive community. Thank you. RECONCILIATION FAITH NIGHT Parents of students who are to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation in November, are asked to attend an Adult Faith Night on Tuesday 4 October (the first week of Term 4) This night is to support you the parent, in your adult understanding of Reconciliation as your child prepares for the Sacrament, therefore, students do not attend. Students wishing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation are asked to attend a Parish Mass over the weekend of 8 and 9 October. Mass times are Saturday 6.30pm and Sunday 8.00am, 10.30am and 5.00pm. MISSION MASS All students will attend a Mission Mass on Friday 7 October commencing at 9.15am. At this Mass, the Yr. 4 students will present a cheque to Kevin Meese (Director of Catholic Missions Melbourne). Through their inquiry learning throughout this Term, the students have explored their responsibilities as a member of the Global World. Through an action in response to their learning, they recently conducted a Market Day to raise money for the work of Missions. Well done to the Yr. 4 students. YR. 2 MASS Yr. 2 students will attend the Parish 9.15am Mass tomorrow 16 September. Please join them if you are free. TERM 4 VALUE Our Value for Term 4 is FAITH. Through this value, the students will be learning about and reflecting on how as Christian people, we are called to place our trust in God. Through the story of the good shepherd, we are shown the love of God and how we can trust in His never ending love. It is through our relationship with Jesus, who shows us the way to live our life fully, that we can grow in our Christian faith. Faith is something that we all have and this faith can be centered on many things – we can have faith in the love of family, faith in our football Team, faith that life will turn out for the best. For us to grow as happy, contented people, we do need to develop a sense of Faith in life and others. As Christians, we grow in faith and belief as we come to know God through Jesus. SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT SURVEY Tomorrow is the last day for the completion of the online School Improvement Survey which was sent out to a randomly selected group of parents. If you have not already completed the survey, it would be most appreciated if you could take a few minutes and do so. Many thanks in anticipation. 2017 Currently we have a number of inquiries for places in classes across the school. If your child will not be returning in 2017, it would be appreciated if you could put this in writing so that those wishing to obtain a place for next year can be accommodated. SUNSMART All students are now expected to wear hats when in the playground. Please ensure these are at school each day and are labelled with your child’s name. CODE OF CONDUCT In keeping with the new legislation surrounding Child Safe Standards, all volunteers will be required to sign a Code of Conduct. A copy of such was sent home to all families and is due back tomorrow. Your attention to this matter would be much appreciated. SCHOOL CLOSURE The school will be closed on Monday 31 October. This has been designated as a Report Writing Day. TERM BREAK Term 3 will conclude tomorrow Friday 16 September at 1.45pm and will resume for Term 4 on Monday 3 October. Helen Anderson Principal
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