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St. Mary’s school is a place where, not only your child, but your whole family will be welcomed and valued as members of our community. At St. Mary’s we are acutely aware of the privilege it is to be invited into the educative process of your child. We recognize that your child is a special gift given to you, and now you are inviting and entrusting us to enter into a partnership with you, to guide and support their growth as a person along with their academic learning. Read more...

Principal's News

  • 17/03/17
    Dear Parents and Friends, Tomorrow we will mark the National day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) when we will participate in the “Stars” schools Challenge where students will make a star for the One Million Stars to End Violence. These stars will be a sign of our commitment towards a bullying and violence free environment, in or outside the classroom. Stars made by students in Yrs. 3 - 6 will feature in a striking art installation for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. The Prep – Yr. 2 stars will be on display at our school. Following the making of our stars, the students will assemble on the Oval and form a senior outer circle and a junior inner circle as a sign that we at St. Mary’s are TAKING A STAND TOGETHER to say NO WAY TO BULLYING. The students will then gather together for lunch on the Oval. A further activity on the day will involve the students decorating cut out people on which they will write their own powerful message about standing up against Bullying. In dealing with the issue of bullying, it is good to have a shared understanding of what is and is not bullying. The national definition of bullying for Australian schools is: Bullying is an ongoing misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical and/or social behaviour that causes physical and/or psychological harm. It can involve an individual or a group misusing their power over one or more persons. Bullying can happen in person or online, and it can be obvious (overt) or hidden (covert). Bullying of any form or for any reason can have long-term effects on those involved, including bystanders. Single incidents and conflict or fights between equals, whether in person or online, are not defined as bullying. However, these conflicts still need to be addressed and resolved. Bullying of course, is not just synonymous with children – adults can inflict and suffer from bullying. So it is up to all of us to be aware of how we act in relationships with others and to be ready to speak up when we see behavior that is of a bullying nature CARITAS FOCUS DURING LENT… “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR” On Tuesday, March 28th St. Mary’s is supporting Caritas Australia, the Catholic agency for international aid development. On this day, the students are asked to show their support for those less fortunate than themselves. The students are asked to bring along a gold coin in place of a snack or treat that they might otherwise eat on this day. Perhaps they can opt to eat a simple, non-packaged food item instead. In this way, the students are reminded of the key elements of Lent: almsgiving, fasting and performing caring deeds for others, as we prepare for Easter. The Year Two students will be raising awareness of the work Caritas does both in Australia and overseas, when they visit the classes within the school to share stories that reflect how Caritas has made a difference in the lives of many. Through their Inquiry unit, ‘Let’s Shine Together’, the Year Two students will share the understandings they have developed, about ways in which good deeds and support can aid others within our world. Please discuss with your child the significance of us sharing some of our resources so as to support so many in our world who live in poverty and how their contribution can make a huge difference to the life of another person. CYBER SAFETY SESSION We are planning a Cyber safety evening for parents which will be conducted by representatives from the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. The evening has been booked for 20 April commencing at 7.00pm. As our young people live in an online world, it is important for every parent to be well informed of the ways in which your child can keep themselves safe when online. To book for this session go to www.schoolinterviews.com.au and enter the event code 4N24Y Throughout the day, sessions will be conducted for students in Yrs. 3 – 6. OPEN DAYS Applications for enrolment to St. Mary’s school are now being accepted for Prep 2018. Current families are advised to lodge an application early as places are already being filled. Open Days are as follows: 29 March Tours 9.30am and 12.00pm 29 March Twilight Opening from 4.30pm until 6.30pm 26 April Information Night 7.00pm 2 May Tours 9.30am and 12.00pm 9 June Applications close Kindest Regards Helen Principal
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