• We believe everyday holds the opportunity for exciting learning
  • We value the uniqueness of each person
  • We engage students in positive and active learning
  • We uphold the philosophy of Equity and Excellence in Education
  • We promote respect and care for everyone in our community

Welcome to St Mary's Parish Primary School

St. Mary’s school is a place where, not only your child, but your whole family will be welcomed and valued as members of our community. At St. Mary’s we are acutely aware of the privilege it is to be invited into the educative process of your child. We recognize that your child is a special gift given to you, and now you are inviting and entrusting us to enter into a partnership with you, to guide and support their growth as a person along with their academic learning. Read more...

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Principal's News

  • 07/02/19
    Dear Parents and Friends, Welcome back to the 2019 school year. A special welcome to new families who have joined our community. It is my hope that your child has settled well into their class and that you will very quickly feel a sense of belonging to our community. Students new to our school are Yr. 1 – Hayley and Leo, Yr. 3 – Matthew, Maya, Elijah, Aria, Ibrahim and Arish and Yr. 5 – Nathaniel, Hala and Janisha. A special welcome to students who commenced Prep at St. Mary’s last week. I look forward to getting to know each of you and trust that your years at St. Mary’s will be filled with great learning and happiness. I also welcome new staff members – Robyn Vorster, Olivia Sharpe, Briar W, Kirin G, Melissa L, Holly S and I welcome back, Jenny B. I warmly welcome Fr. Lenin to our community. Fr. Lenin has been appointed as our new assistant Priest and we very much look forward to working with Fr. Lenin. Our school theme for 2019 is “We are the Hands and Heart of Christ.” As we focus on this calling throughout each Term, we will explore the following four Christian actions – Reach Out, Embrace, Create and Serve. For Term One we will focus on being people who reach out to others. It is easy to love those we care about but what about those who may annoy us or the people we don’t know? The commandment to love one another doesn’t mention exceptions. It is a call to accept love, to know love and to be more central to love. As we commence the 2019 School Year, I ask that we be people who are truly the heart and hands of Christ. That we keep central to our thinking that we are all called to live the Gospel values – to be one together, supporting and working as one for the good of our school community and the wider community. As we set out upon the 2019 journey, it is important that we develop and maintain positive relationships, that we show respect and care for each other as we work in partnership for the blossoming and growth of our children. When schools and parents work in partnership, the child reaps the rewards in better learning and in improved emotional and social outcomes. Every parent and every teacher wants the best for those in our care and it is through open, honest and respectful communication, that this can be achieved. I look forward to working with all staff and families in-order to achieve success for our students in 2019. REGISTERING TO RECEIVE SCHOOL COMMUNICATION (including the Candela) Written communication from the school to parents is via the "St. Mary’s Skoolbag” App. or via email. In-order for us to set up our communication processes, you are asked to complete a short online questionnaire. Please go to http://bit.ly/Communicationsub2019 and complete the questionnaire by 15 February. To receive communication via the Skoolbag App, instructions are attached to today’s Candela, and will be available on the survey and were included in an Information Pack that you received yesterday. If you have previously subscribed to Skoolbag, you do not need to re-subscribe. However, if you have previously registered for email communication, you must re-register in 2019. If you have any queries or issues, contact Gabee Leone at gleone@smgreensborough.catholic.edu.au All families will receive a hard copy of the Candela for the first two editions, then it will only be available electronically. INFORMATION/PERMISSION FORMS/AGREEMENTS At the commencement of each School Year, it is necessary to collect various forms of information and to request permission for different purposes. Yesterday you received a package containing a number of Forms to be completed. The package included: Parent Involvement Instruction Form, General Permission Form, User Agreements and Privacy Permission Forms, the Google Apps for Education Parent Permission Form, Code of Conduct, Anaphylaxis Form, Skoolbag Subscription Instructions, Standard Collection Notice, Tuck shop List and School Calendar. It would be appreciated if these forms could be completed and returned where required, to each child’s individual teacher by Friday 15 February. • CHILD SAFE PRACTICES – INDUCTION MODULE In keeping with Legislation and St. Mary’s Child Safe Practices, it is necessary for those who are assisting with school activities to hold a current Working with Children Card and to complete the Induction Module. All parents are also required to read and sign the Code of Conduct (included in the Information Pack) which is a requirement of the Child Safe Standards Legislation. When completing the Induction module, your WWC Card and signed Code of Conduct can be uploaded. Go to St. Mary’s website to the “Our Community” tab and then “Child Safe Requirements” for instructions on how to complete the module. Direct link to the Induction module is http://bit.ly/InductionModule2019 • PARENT INVOLVEMENT St Mary’s school relies on and values the wonderful contribution parents make to the life of the school. This contribution ensures that extra activities and opportunities are available to all students as well as providing them with a pleasant and safe environment in which to work and play. Through volunteering your services, you will develop a sense of belonging and you will be continuing to build the spirit of community which we are proud of at St. Mary’s. Although many people enthusiastically and generously give their time and skills to our school, it is important that all families in the school contribute in this way so that the load is shared and to avoid having to introduce various fees to otherwise cover these areas of need. You are asked to nominate a Working Bee and one other activity at which you will assist over the course of the year. If you nominate as a regular volunteer at the Tuck-shop or Uniform Shop, this is fulfilling your commitment. However, you are still asked to nominate for a Working Bee. The Parent Involvement Form is to be completed online. Direct link is http://bit.ly/ParentInvolvementForm2019 or go to St. Mary’s website to “Our Community” tab then to “Child Safe Requirements.” • ANAPHYLAXIS POLICY Our Anaphylaxis Policy requests that parents agree, to the best of their knowledge, not to send nut based products to school. It also includes a “no share food” statement. Therefore, I ask that cakes, lollies etc. are not sent to school to share on occasions such as birthdays. If your child wishes to celebrate with their friends, you may like to consider sending such items as stickers, pencils etc. Please sign the form in relation to this policy and return by 15 February. Policy is on our Website. • STUDENT CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Each year it is necessary for us to ensure that the information which we hold on each student is current. At the “Meet the Teacher sessions” on Tuesday, teachers handed out to parents of the eldest child an envelope containing the information that we currently hold. If your child’s teacher does not meet with you over the first week, these envelopes will be posted to you. I ask that you review this information, make any alterations, sign the bottom of the form and return to your child’s teacher. If there are no alterations to the information, please sign the form and return. HANDS UP There are a number of actions that occur at St. Mary’s to ensure it is a positive school community that is underpinned by our SWPBS initiatives. As part of our commitment to providing a safe and welcoming community, the first week of every term is dedicated to focusing on desired behaviours in an explicit manner. As we commence this year, our theme for developing our class and school culture is HANDS UP. You might like to discuss with your child the importance of us all putting our Hands Up for the good of all and to do the right thing for ourselves and others. SCHOOL CLOSURE School Closure dates for 2019 are Term 1 (18 February and 2 March), Term 2 (23 and 24 May) and Term 4 (4 November). On Monday 18 February, teachers will be working with staff from Catholic Education Melbourne on developing our approach to the teaching of Languages GENERAL FAITH NIGHT FOR 2019 SACRAMENTAL CLASSES Parents of students who are to receive either the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Yr. 2), Eucharist (Yr. 3) or Confirmation (Yr. 6) this year are required to attend a General Faith Night which will be held at St. Thomas the Apostle Church 251 Diamond Creek Road onTuesday 19 February and Thursday 21 February (you only need to attend one of the evenings) commencing at 7.00pm. Our presenters on the night are Fr.Steven Rigo and our new assistant Priest, Fr.Lenin. The purpose of this night is to deepen our understanding of living sacramentally therefore, be better able to support our children to come to understand the significance of the sacraments of our Church and how to live as called by Christ. (This night is not for students) You will need to go online and book the session that you will be attending. Bookings are now open. To book go to www.schoolinterviews.com.au and then enter the event code kp3gw Bookings close Monday 18 February. Now that St. Mary’s is one of the three Parishes working together under the leadership of Fr. Steve, we are holding all our meetings for the sacramental program as one community. As St. Thomas’ is central to the three Parishes - St. Mary’s Greensborough, St. Thomas Greensborough North and Sacred Heart Diamond Creek, it was decided that St. Thomas’ would be the best gathering place for all concerned. Families of students preparing for a Sacrament this year are also asked to attend one of the Parish Masses over either the weekend of 16 and 17 and the 23 and 24 of February to receive a Blessing to enrich your child as they commence their preparation for the reception of a Sacrament. Masses are as follow: Saturday 6.30pm, Sunday 8.00am, 10.00am and 5.00pm. WORKING BEE Our first Working Bee will be held this Saturday 9 February and has been assigned to Yr. 1 parents. It is an expectation that each family attends one Working Bee throughout the year and your support for our Working Bees is always very much valued. Besides supporting the school in the area of maintenance, our Working Bees are also great community building events. The Bee commences at 8.30am and concludes with lunch at 12.30pm. We look forward to seeing you there. MASS FOR THE OPENING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR Our Opening School Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday 6 March commencing at 9.15am. This is also the Ash Wednesday Mass which marks the commencement of the season of Lent. All parents and friends are warmly invited to join with us as we gather for the first time to celebrate the new academic year and the beginning of Lent – a time of reflection and preparation in readiness to celebrate Easter. GATES LOCKED The pedestrian and roadway gates at the William Street entry to the property are locked during school hours and the roadway gate is also locked overnight. The roadway gate is open from 8.00am to 9.15am in the mornings and again between 3.30pm and 4.30pm in the afternoon. To enter the pedestrian gate use the code 2100. Please ensure that you re-lock the gate after use and not share this code with the general public. SCHOOL ASSEMBLY School Assembly is held twice a Term and commences at 2.40pm. Dates for Term 1 are Thursday 15 February and Thursday 15 March. All parents and friends are welcome to attend. STUDENT ABSENCE If a student is to be absent from school and the teacher has not been informed, you are required to phone the school by 8.30am on the morning of the absence or notify via the Skoolbag app. If phoning, a brief message should be left on the answering machine. There is no need to call later to speak with the Office staff. It is important that notification is made for the security and safety of your child. On return to school, a note must be given to the teacher stating the reason for the absence. These notes are archived each year as a legal requirement. ARRIVAL TIME Supervision of the school grounds commences at 8.40am. Students therefore should not arrive prior to this time. Any student needing to be dropped off any earlier must be booked into our Before School Care Program. Students in Yr. 3 - 6 are asked to gather on the Piazza and Prep - Yr. 2 students are to gather on Bonnie’s Playground where there is teacher supervision. In the afternoon, supervision in the playground ceases at 3.45pm. Any student still waiting to be picked up will be brought to the Office. If you are unable to collect your child by 3.45pm, you are asked to book them into the After School Care Program. CONTACTING STAFF To contact a staff member by email, please use the initial of their first name and surname followed by the school email address. For example, you can reach me on handerson@smgreensborough.catholic.edu.au In accordance with our communication policy, emails are to be used for short messages. If a discussion is required, an appointment for a face to face meeting is to be arranged. Emails will be responded to as promptly as possible and only during the hours of 8.30am to 7.00pm. Please refer to Communication Policy on our webpage. Parents are reminded that the school must be contacted should you wish to discuss a matter in relation to another child or parent. No parent is permitted to approach a child or the child’s parent to discuss such matters. YR 6 GRADUATION 2018 Sincere thanks to all the parents who decorated the Hall and prepared and served the meal for the graduation of our 2018 Yr. 6 students. The evening was very much enjoyed and it was a special night for our students as they graduated. Thank you. PREP AND Yr. 6 BUDDY WELCOME PICNIC Our Prep / Yr. 6 Buddy Program is a highlight program for both our Prep and Yr. 6 students. Through this program, our Prep students are supported through their first year of school by their Yr. 6 “buddy.” Together, they develop a relationship that has a positive and often lasting effect on both the Prep student and their buddy. On Wednesday 13 February, we will be holding our Picnic in the school grounds between 5.00pm -7.00pm. This gathering is an opportunity for Prep and Buddy families to meet. We are hoping all students involved in this program and their families will be able to come along. The Maintenance and Development Team will be providing a Sausage sizzle. BYO drinks, nibbles, chairs, rug. Looking forward to seeing you there. SCHOOL ACCOUNTS School Accounts have been emailed out to all families. Please contact Philippa Griffin if you have not received your Account. Kind regards, Helen
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