FIRE Carriers

FIRE Carriers


“FIRE Carriers,” an acronym for “Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education,” is an initiative through the Catholic Aboriginal Ministry of Victoria. Through this program, the FIRE Carriers are commissioned to raise awareness of reconciliation for the wrongs of the past and to promote peace and justice for all, along with learning about and appreciating the rich culture of the Aboriginal peoples.

Our Year Five students lead our FIRE carrier initiative at St. Mary’s. Students write a letter of application in Year Four and are commissioned at our Ash Wednesday Mass in Term One each year.

The role of FIRE carriers at St Mary’s

  • To keep the Reconciliation flame alight in our St. Mary’s community.
  • To educate students, teachers and families about Reconciliation.
  • To spread the message of our shared history and culture.
  • To represent the St. Mary’s Community at any Fire Carrier events. e.g. The Long Walk

Responsibilities of a St. Mary’s Fire Carrier

  • Assist and lead the school in the Totem Pole Blessing ceremony.
  • Prepare resources and information for significant days e. g. Reconciliation Week, Sorry Day and NAIDOC week.
  • Participate in and contribute to Whole School Masses e.g. Sorry Day Mass
  • Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations e.g. The Indigenous Literacy Foundation and The Great Book Swap.

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