Vision & Values

Vision & Values


We believe that St Mary’s should be a Christian Community where:

We prepare our students to meet the demands of an ever changing world by highlighting the relevance of our faith and catholic tradition, to contemporary culture and life.

The staff, parents, clergy and members of our parish community, work together as educators, using Christ as our central focus and model.

We promote a harmonious and welcoming climate where students, staff, families and members of our parish community feel secure, valued and respected.

We work to provide a curriculum that is rich in content and of an academically high standard.

We value the uniqueness of each student and endeavour to develop the whole child in relation to their intellectual, physical, moral, cultural, aesthetic, social, spiritual and emotional needs.

We aim to create a learning environment that encourages personal growth by supporting, motivating, challenging and extending each student in their special talents.

We foster a positive self image which enables us to appreciate and value each other.

St Mary’s Principles of Learning

We believe:

  • Learning about our Catholic Identity and the diversity within our community, fosters respect justice and peace.
  • Trusting and supportive relationships within our community to enrich the lives of students, families and staff.
  • Learning is engaging and transformative, empowering the individual to question, problem solve and develop a positive mindset towards lifelong learning.
  • Learning individually and in partnership with others develops empathetic, reflective and resilient learners.
  • Building capacity to recognise and manage one’s emotions and behaviours supports a positive sense of self and promotes responsible decision making.
  • Feedback is ongoing, varied and personalised which supports the learner to achieve their personal best.
  • Utilising local and global resources enriches knowledge, skills, understandings and relationships beyond the classroom.


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